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Glockyy's House | twitch.tv/GlockuFyy

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My mate and I just went in to get a server for his twitch stream, come join the fun and get this server populated. Currently just having a firefight over Upper Central DC on Logar Valley. 


Come join the fun, we welcome all! just search in custom servers

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Glockyy's House | twitch.tv/GlockuFyy - Server Info


Owner: Glockufyy

Contact Info: Best way to get into contact with Glockufyy or ANY server STAFF, is to jump into the community discord.  Here is the link- https://discord.gg/ga3K2md


Server Provider: Host Havoc


Rules (Rules are always subject to change):

- Absolutely no racism. Heavy Racism results in an immediate ban.

- Sexism/Homophobia will also not be taken lightly.

- Locked squads are fine if they are dedicated to certain things. Such as small vehicle, mortar, or logi squads.  However infantry squads can NOT be locked, and must stay open.  Locked squads for inviting people at the beginning of the match is fine, but they must be unlocked afterwards. 

- When server goes under 20v20 the server goes into "seeding" mode.  Seeding mode is either Logar Valley AAS INF, or Sumari AAS V1, V2, or V3.  Players will fight over 1 cap or area until server is populated.  Armored vics are not allowed during seeding, and it is discouraged to destroy enemy fobs unless placed directly on the fighting area.
- ALL SL'S MUST HAVE MICS. NEVER PERMITTED. Refusers to this rule may be kicked based on the situation.

- NO ONE MANNED VEHICLES PERIOD. DISCOURAGE USE. Refusers to this rule may be kicked based on the situation.

Any questions or comments are welcome.  Thank you

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rules update

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I've set up a server specific thread here Glocky's House which explains server rules and how to reach admins. :)


The server now has a license and can be found in the normal server browser.

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19 hours ago, Guan_Yu007 said:

So basically just three real rules.

Use common sense, standard seeding rules and no one-man vehicles, cool. :)

basically lol common decency. however enforcing the one man vehicle rule is a pain

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