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Map streaming could Squad use it.

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HI I've been dabbling with Conan exiles SDK and become quite interested in the way that their map is constructed. Unlike squad's one map file with landscapes for the whole level, their map is segmented into a grid of 8 x 8 1km Heightmaps.  Each of these has areas of interested where maps are overlaid ( separate maps files) when you come within a distance like LOD, but unlike LOD its the whole map level. There is a persistent control level which holds your gameplay stuff. 


Below is a representation of their gamemap with each of the sections.  So if you where playing on a 2km² then you might only have a 1km² loaded, same for even bigger maps. 




Just thinking that if a level is segmented then its could give better performance. Maybe even increase in map size. Topped with more opportunity to have different building/camps setups.


With the Steaming level seem pretty awesome. If you haven't seen it. Expect you guys have.  It's only that the map does feel massive and would love it when squad maps get even bigger. For those interested link below.




Well was just a thought, maybe something of the future.  either way thanks for  your hard work.  

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for a multiplayer game using this system does the server need to load the entire play area and maintain positioning for all the elements?

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Squad already uses some flavors of level streaming from what Axton said in one of the Kamdesh Twitch streams. Just not related to the actual landscape though I'm pretty sure. That said, as far as using Unreal Engines World Composition tools to stream in entire 8k terrains full of foliage and supporting 80 multiplayers in vehicles I've read there's real issues with replication etc.

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