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Lee IV

2.SS Panzer-Division Recruiting [NA]

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2.SS Panzer-Division




We are a growing group and are always looking to expand our ranks and give the opportunity for people to join a well-organized group. We have had many different names coming from the Mount and Blade Warband community which is how we currently have over 35+ active members that attend our nightly events (Our events are when we hop on Squad and play for quite a long period of time). Since M&B has started to die out after many years we have decided to transition over to more of a Tactical FPS scene for the survival of our community and to keep everyone interested in doing things as a group. Currently, we are not a Milsim unit we are a competitive oriented group for Squad and PS. Once Post Scriptum is released however we will most likely be moving over there permanently.



We are currently looking for mature, skilled, smart, and veteran players that know the game and how its supposed to be played on a higher level. If you are not a Veteran player we are still open to let you try out



All groups associated with us 

2.SS Panzer-Division

Previous Group


If you are interested in trying out/looking for more info add one of the following people 



Lee IV

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