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[3rdID] Third Infantry Division

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3rd Infantry Division
U.S Armed Forces Military Realism
ArmA III | America's Army: Proving Grounds | Insurgency | Squad

We're a practical realism unit that has been around for over ten years. Some of us are current or prior service of the armed forces. Many of us are native citizens of the United States and some of us are from all around the world, so we're diversified in that manner. We have a long history of being one of the king units in realism, and for good reason. With strong leadership, professionalism, and core values, the 3rdID provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime shot at growing as a gamer AND a person.

+Fully functional, state of the art website (
+Teamspeak server (teamspeak.3rdinf.us)
+Multiple dedicated AAPG servers
+Multiple dedicated ArmA 3 servers
+Multiple dedicated Insurgency servers
+Multiple dedicated Squad servers
+Comprehensive Mod Pack and supporting mods for ArmA 3
+Stability and prestige
+US Army organization & rank structure
+Tactical and organized gameplay

+Must have Steam and provide Steam ID
+Must have Teamspeak 
+Operational Microphone
+Age 16 + (age 15 undergo evaluation period)
+Must be active! (we understand everyone has lives)
+100% Maturity

If you're up to the challenge and would like to enlist visit:

Staff Sergeant Joseph Rizzo
3rd Infantry Division
Bravo Company, 1st Platoon
Recruiting & Retention Office (NCOIC)


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3rdID is still recruiting! Currently we are looking for Potential qualified squad leaders and/or Team leaders to make 3rdID successful in the squad community. if you are interested, please don't be shy to message me or to  join our teamspeak for more about us!

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3rd ID is Recruiting


On Thursdays, we do what we can Thursday Night Tussle from 1930 to 2230 EST. So get on Teamspeak, hang out with us and get to know some of those who are shooting at you.


SPC W.Blackwell

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3rdID is looking for members who are ready to take milsim to the fullest. Come join us for our Thursday Night Tussle from 1930 to 2230 EST on our  server.  


Staff Sergeant,

Ethan Verhein,

3rd Infantry Division

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