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Upgrade from gtx950 to 1060 6G?

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My computer knowledge is totally outdated so I want to ask you guys if I should upgrade from my gtx950 2G to the gtx1060 6G.


My specs are as follows:
i5-6500 (4 core, 3.20GHz)
8GB memory (DDR3L SDRAM PC3-12800)
NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GTX950 / 2GB
Intel H110 Express chipset (MINI ITX)


I usually get between 35-60 fps, with drops to 25 on Kohat for some reason. When I look at the ground, my fps shoots up to 70.


I read that an upgrade from a 950 to 1060 would give me 50% more fps in some games but I was wondering if that would also apply to Squad, which I know if pretty CPU heavy.


Here at my stat unit results on a nearly full server on Gorodok:

frame: 23

game: 18

draw: 18

gpu: 23



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Your CPU should be fine with dropping playable FPS, so yes, your GPU is the issue and you´ll be fine with a GTX1060

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