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Epic Settings Crash | i5 6th gen + GTX 1080

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I seem to  only  get this message when I have Squad  cranked up at  epic settings.  I have had Squad since v9. Never had an  issue until it was updated and now since v10, I keep getting  this crash on epic settings.  As the title says, I have a GTX 1080 paired with i5 Skylake CPU and can't fathom how  this is happening. I play at 1440p resolution and also have  16gb of regular RAM.  Does this happen to anyone else?   It has only happened to me playing this game.  Lowering the  settings to  high  seems to  help it.

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A few of us have similar - go here for a look. I've got effects on low (with a 1080) and that makes it all work beautifully. Think its something to do with rendering particles as I can't see any other difference in effects.




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