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BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

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Server name

BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)


Server location

London, UK


Server slots

80 / 3 reserved


Blood Bound began life as a Project Reality clan 2 years ago, playing together in many games, forming a tight community of individuals that dipped their toes in several games together; PR always being the central hub everyone would congregate around. After lying dormant for a while, some members had joined other clans and communities in Squad. Some of the of the key members of Blood Bound were in a clan that unfortunately disbanded, which prompted two of them - Hudson and Ark - to gather some of the people in that clan that were left high 'n dry after they disbanded together, and bring them in to Blood Bound to breathe new life into the clan, and start up Blood Bound's own Squad community and server.


We're back from yesteryear, rising like a phoenix from the ashes!


We welcome any and all to join our community for some laughs and good games together - hop on our Discord some time! If you like playing with us and are thinking of joining the clan, get in touch with one of our members and we'll have a chat ;)


Discord: Blood Bound


Reporting a player:

Hop on our Discord to get in touch with an admin ASAP in our #contact_an_admin channel and


  • tag the @Admins
  • provide the nickname and SteamID64 / Steam profile permalink (read the pinned post in the channel for an explanation) of the offending player, so we can identify them
  • tell us what team they're on, and if possible, in which squad
  • explain in detail what the player did
  • if possible, provide any relevant evidence, such as footage of the incident (uploaded as an unlisted Youtube video) or relevant screenshots - video evidence being preferred


Appealing a ban:

Please visit our ban appeals sub-forum, check out the sample format provided, and make a new thread following that format. You can sign in easily using your Steam login on the top-right - no need to make a forum account!



= Server Rules =


We're all about teamwork, good communication, and providing a good atmosphere to keep things fun.


If you have any questions or concerns, you can post a comment here - though joining our Discord is of course the quickest way to get in touch.


Admins reserve the right to remove anyone from the server that is deemed detrimental to the general atmosphere on the server or the level of teamwork / gameplay on the server at their discretion. Admin decisions and requests are to be respected at all times. If you wish to discuss such, please do so in our #server_feedback channel on our Discord after following the admin's request.


1. No racism, sexism, or discrimination of any sort will be tolerated
Any such chat - whether in text chat, or over comms - will be met with a permanent ban. This includes offensive player or squad names.


2. Do not insult each other
We understand that things can get hectic and in the heat of the moment, tempers may flare and arguments can happen, but this does not mean we'll tolerate an argument only escalating due to direct insults being flung back and forth. Try to keep the atmosphere on the server enjoyable. If you can't resolve it - drop it and play on.


3. Do not spam text chat or comms
Spamming things over comms and disrupting the game, or clogging up text chat will be first warned for, then punished.


4. Do not recruit for your clan or advertise websites or streams on the server
Self-explanatory - don't advertise for your own Discord / community / clan or try to recruit members while on the server. Don't advertise your stream, either. Don't advertise for things like skin gambling websites, either. This includes having a website as part of your nickname.


5. Don't ever intentionally team-kill, for any reason whatsoever - including in retaliation
If you're intentionally team-killed (for example, after an argument), call the attention of an admin and let them handle it. Please apologise for any accidental TKs in all chat so admins know they were accidental.


6. Do not camp enemy main bases
If your team manages to cap the enemy's last cap - defend that cap, but don't advance on the enemy's main base. This rule includes planting mines / IEDs too close to enemy main bases; as a rule of thumb, keep mines / IEDs 250m away from enemy main bases. Due to some maps being quite small compared to others, the closest allowed proximity of mines / IEDs to enemy mains may be relaxed a bit on maps like Sumari, where they are allowed right up 'till the "Checkpoint" cap zone. When in doubt, ask an admin. If an admin requests you to pull back with a vehicle that you're pinning the enemy's exits from their main base with, please do so - usually, the enemy team will be expected to use different exits from their main and adjust to the situation on the battlefield, but on some maps / layers, this can be problematic (think of Narva's RU main base location), and the admin team's first priority is always maintaining a decent level of gameplay and atmosphere on the server.


7. Squad Leaders are required to speak English, have a mic (and use it), and actively play for relevant objectives
We expect SLs to cooperate with one another in command comms, and make an effort to lead their squad. We also expect them to not hinder the team by wasting assets trying to fight in areas not in play or relevant to the team's success (not active in or around attack / defense points or enemy FOBs, or on the way there) - the exception to this, of course, being smaller specialised squads like armour or mortar squads.


8. Do not make a squad unless you intend to lead it
Don't make a squad, then leave it and make another - this doesn't help "seed" squads, but just causes chaos at the start of a match. Don't make a squad then pass off SL to someone else, either. Also, don't make a squad solely to get a certain kit.


9. Squad Leaders may kick anyone from their squad for any reason
Please try to be civil when kicking people from your squad. If you're kicked from a squad, please don't argue about it, but join a different squad. If the reason you were kicked conflicts with one of our other server rules (racism / sexism / discrimination), please report it so the offending SL can be dealt with.


10. Do not lock your squad with less than 4 people in it
The minimum size for general infantry squads is 4. Specialised squads may be smaller, but must be named according to their intended role or the assets they intend to claim. Examples of such squads allowed are a dedicated logistics squad, a mortar squad, or an SPG / 30mm / Bradley / Warrior squad, which may all be smaller than 4 people. Bear in mind that regardless of your intended squad size and purpose, you will still be expected to cooperate and communicate with other squads / the rest of your team, and that you should still be using your assets effectively (referring to potential asset wastage).


11. Respect specialised, named squads - don't take claimed assets
Specialised squads, such as squads named "LOGI", "BTR 30MM", "APC" or "IFV", have the first claim on the vehicles named. First come, first serve applies - if there are multiple specialised squads trying to claim the same vehicle(s), the first squad to have created their named squad takes precedence. In the case of such squads being made within a very short time of one another, we expect SLs of these squads to fairly, and maturely come to an agreement concerning these assets. In the case of a squad claiming several assets to fulfill a defined role (such as APC transport, IFV support), we expect you to have enough people in your squad to properly man these vehicles. Please see the next rule for more on this. Please do not "hog" assets, and claim the same ones several rounds in a row; be a good sport and allow others a chance to use them in further rounds, also. We expect to not have to police this, so please be considerate of other players.


12. Do not one-man APCs and IFVs - these require a 2-man crew at all times
- Techies and light transport / support vehicles (BRDM / MRAP) that don't require a crewman kit to operate may be 1-manned (this includes the Insurgent AA truck).
- APCs and IFVs require a 2-man crew (all variants, including MTLBs).
- MBTs require a 3-man crew (driver; gunner; commander).


13. Do not grief, troll, or waste assets
Intentionally getting friendly assets destroyed, "throwing" a match, driving a logi truck into enemy-held territory, or having your entire squad head off to a part of the map entirely not in play to spend the whole match building a giant, pointless FOB together are all examples of behaviour that breaks this rule. This includes deserting vehicles in the field, whether they're APCs / IFVs, or logi trucks - do not treat them as disposable; treat them as valuable assets to protect and make use of.


14. Do not share any sort of team intel with the enemy team
This includes sharing friendly positions, ticket counts, or anything else that only your team knows / can see.


15. Abusing exploits to gain an advantage over others or using cheats of any sort will result in a ban
Hiding in a rock that lacks player clipping so you can't get hit would be an example of abusing an exploit. Use of cheats will be brought to the attention of OWI, and result in a full game ban.


16. Ghosting and stream sniping will be met with a permanent ban


17. Inactive / unassigned players will be kicked

Please join a squad if you're unassigned. Unassigned players will be seen as AFK and kicked to make room for others, accordingly.



Seeding rules

If the server player count is lower than 40 players, the following seeding rules are also in effect. Once there are more than 40 players on the server, a broadcast will be put out stating the game is live.


1. Do not take out enemy HABs / FOBs

Keep fighting to the middle caps.


2. Don't build FOBs / HABs on middle caps (as those will be fought over)


3. Do not use offensive vehicles
Only use transport and logistics vehicles.


4. Do not use mortar tubes, HMG emplacements, or other offensive FOB emplacements



Enjoy your time with us! Drop us a line if you have any concerns. Game on!


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Just had some of the most epic games on this server. 


Seems to attract a lot of players who are really up for working together as a team.  Good to see you guys back in action.

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Its been a crazy first day, Thanks to all who have come along. 

I didn't realise how amazing some of the games on the first day would be, i hope to see all again over the coming days!

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Lately I'm playing on your server.
Small question: in your rotation there are Gorodok and Yehorivka ?? I've never seen them ...



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On 6/26/2018 at 10:11 AM, Tmac said:

Lately I'm playing on your server.
Small question: in your rotation there are Gorodok and Yehorivka ?? I've never seen them ...



Yes they are in the rotation

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