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Bad textures at certain distances

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Hey Squaddies,


I have been enjoying Squad for a long time now, but ever since I first started playing, my textures (mainly objects and terrain at a certain distance like trees, rocks, poppy- and corn fields and buildings) look low-res (more or less like cardboard cut-outs). At close quarters i hardly notice it, but when in a firefight with big distances between me and the enemy it hurts my eyes.


I have already tried a lot to fix the textures (Like messing about with the in-game graphic settings, nvidea controlpanel and the gameusersettings.ini file, reinstalling the game and deleting all usercached data,  overclocking and reshade) but nothing really worked.


Other people who experienced the same kind of texture problems were told to use supersampling, but when i set super sampling to 1.5 (which is the highest my pc can handle at ~40fps) I barely notice any difference.


Also note that I don't have a problem with my fps which will fluctuate between 60 and 72 (with vsync enabled to get rid of stuttering) on epic without supersampling and I've seen multiple videos from people with more or less identical specs (and some worse than mine) where as their textures look crisp and detailed.


My specs are:


Windows 8.1 64-bit


Intel Core i7 4770 @ 3.40GHz clocked to 3.9 with turbo mode


ASUS Nvidea Geforce GTX 770 2GB 


16,0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 1600Mhz




232GB Samsung SSD 840 Series (Squad is installed on the SSD)


1863GB Seagate ST2000DM001-1CH164


Got 2 monitors but Squad is running on my iiyama PLG2773HS 1920x1080 144hz


I have made some screenshots if there is anyone who wants to take a look at them, if more are needed please say so:






1nS6gye.jpg Note: these are the graphic settings for the first 5 pics (AAN means ON and UIT means OFF)



taQczDf.jpgHere in my opinion the textures close by look pretty good.


YZ9Qh2d.jpgDoes the grass look like this on everyone's screen?


yo84SEr.jpgWhat the wheatfields look like in kokan with the first graphic settings. it's all smushed together.


fvYK7Ya.jpgWhen i get closer to the foliage its gets a lot more detailed.


bw6hD6w.jpgThe trees in the distance.


pGu8uHq.jpgthe following screenshots have these settings.


jqoVOZy.jpg I don't notice a lot of difference with these settings.


4mgBMNO.jpgagain, look at the trees.


O0pTntn.jpgNow this is where the trees really start hurting my eyes, compare the trees in the background to the one in front of me.










L4xlgi7.jpgNotice how the signs 20 meters away from me are unreadable.




LEPG6bK.jpgWhen I zoom in with a TOW on a palm tree it suddly turns into a detailed 3d object.


Anyway, I really hope someone can help me out here and sorry for the long post and my English.


Kind regards, 


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