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Any plans on handling admin abuse?

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Tldr of story:

1- kohat-russian side

2- team has no tows, warriors are becoming problematic for team

3- create squad, build a tow on hill, get a rifleman for shovels

4- kill 3 warriors, 2 trucks and various inf who were trying to fob up bridge flag

5- admins and his friends on other team are mad.

6- im kicked for "no mic and sql without sql kit"


no one even asked me if i had a mic and i was having a chat with nearby randoms while shooting from tow.


You know badmins were one of the main reason pr died, right?


still good to know all you say is: "use the report system, where your reports go directly to trashcan lol why would we even care lul at least they bring players to game lul"

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