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Compensating for game VS IRL differences

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I understand that Squad developers are probably doing their best to balance between gameplay experience and military realism, and it is hard to please fans from both sides. But it seems that they have ommited certain experience differences brought by virtual environment, and there could be ways to satisfy both sides.


1. IRL optic VS IRL ironsight/reflexsight

Squad had over exaggerated the benefit of equipping a magnified scope. IRL regardless of the magnification, you are still holding the rifle with your own muscle, so within say 100ms your accuracy and time-to-aim would be roughly the same using non-magnified sight. However, ingame magnification means that you get to micro-adjust your aim a lot more easier due to bigger on-screen target, while using non-magnified sight means that the same mouse movement would result in drastically larger aimming deviation. 


Solution: Maybe give rifles using non-magnified sights a reduction in aimming sway.


2. IRL eyesight VS ingame screen size

I've recently seen someone complaining about G3 ironsight completely unusable beyond 100ms due to the range-adjusted rare sight blocking everything leaving only a tiny hole for target acquisition. While I never used G3 IRL, I had experience playing MP5, and it didn't cause me any trouble to adjust for range. Afterall, on a 27inch(or less) screen everything looks smaller than IRL.


Solution: Allow players to adjust rear sight transparancy and blurring. 

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