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The Girl Scouts

The down and dirty bio:

We're a group of interactive players who talk shit and lay it down harder. Thick skins and good aim is mandatory. You'll only find competent players here. No scrubs allowed type deal. Moving into the competitive arena and looking to expand.  Every individual is vetted to ensure all chromosomes are accounted for. Cruising around the 30 member range; Looking for an extra squad lead or two; shooters and medics.


          We're predominately US based playing every night and all hours on weekdays 




  • Mic's are mandatory
  • Not be mentally challenged
  • Able to follow direction
  • Clean steam account/Hackers need not apply
  • Discord


If you think you fit the bill, then may god have mercy on your soul and message me for the discord info!


0FA1478A45BCCBFC10D651EB916C6A842DB65659 (1920×1080)

38BEEA5625D527BE4FEE58BC4F84A0D24150B485 (1920×1080)

23A312CA51A51DBC1C4B3995DA9D8D3F35D8B17C (1920×1080)

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