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A few suggestions

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I want to share with you my thoughts and suggest a several changes:


1. Introduce the HotKey for a knife. Because a selecting and take-off animation take too much time. It would be nice to have some Hotkey for fast taking out of a knife.


2. Reduce a cost of one static SPG shot. Now it is 100 ammunition points. So, 3-4 shots are wasting  almost half of all ammunition. Especially for Insurgents that dont have a big supply truck.


Reduce a build cost for barrels for Insurgents/Militia. Now it costs 200 points that is too much.


When I play as SL it is really hard to find a guy who will just to carry whole round ammunition/build materials that wasting like a water.


3. Add some new fortifications like a bunkers. 


Those bunkers that we have now dont allow to protect fully players and sometimes dont give a good overview. 


It would also nice to add an opportunity to dig some holes and trenches, I am not sure that is possible in Unreal Engine 4, if yes, that would change a gameplay really in better side.


4. Add an antipersonnel mine. I suggest do it in two defferent ways. For example to add on some kit such as raider or add opportunity for SLs to plant  mine-fields. 


For example 10x10 quad field with antipersonnel mines. 


That would really change gameplay in better side, especially during protection of a FOB.


5. Those new armory techi are not popular because their speed has been reduced too much. I dont think that in real life car wastes 30-40% of a starting speed because of several metal sheets. 


6. Sound and visual effects from hitting 30mm shells do not work correctly. For example sometimes I can not even understand that 30mm cannon is shooting in you because because you do not hear and do not see it.



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