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The new scopes are buggy

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I had a lot of fun in the Alpha 11, especially the new sounds are amazing.

Sadly I got a lot of bugs with the new scopes.

The TOW Scope:

  • suddenly loses zoom
  • suddenly loses the HUD
  • completely disappears

I forgot to take screenshots here, but I got some for the SPG-9:

Losing zoom:


The standard model (or however you call it) is still existent when you move the barrel:


Even visible from "the outside":


Someone de-shoveled the gun while I was using it (yes, dumb Squad):


As said before I have similar problems with the TOW scope.

There I could fix the bug by right clicking to not look through the scope and right clicking again.

One of the aforementioned bugs appeared after ~0,5s.


In addition to that, please fix the left wrist of the SKS dude:



Also, are you going to fix the distance estimations for the guns of the Bradley and Warrior?

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Yeah i had the same problems especially when you zoom in it zooms out or when you move to the sides it zoomes out.

On some servers i have that problem on other i dont.So its not a costant problem for me.

I had a similar problem before on v9 on one server in particular but with a rifle i click to scope to aim and it starts to put my eye to the scope and then it returns it back to shoot from the hip like.It was a huge problem for me and there all of the sudden it stops.

And this bug ri inds me of that one.

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