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Looking to join a clan..

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Well, i guess its time i look for a team to join. It's been awhile since i did the clan thing. Looking for a community of cool people with similar interests. I'm an old fart so not really interested in a bunch of 16 year olds.

A bit about me....

Gender: Male

Age: 47

Location: Calgary AB.

Connection: 75mbit 

System: MSI Aegis 3


I've been a clan founder and leader in past games such as Tribes and Vietcong. I've also been a regular member of clans in Tribes and America's Army.


I'm a Truck Driver and sometimes that keeps me from being available regularly. I'd be more of a back up than a regular with my current work situation.

I'm also willing to contribute monthly to a server fund.


Looking for an already established clan. Not interested in building something from scratch. Looking for a clan which has a server based in north america and is primarily north american in its player base.


I usually play the Medic role when i play, but l am also comfortable as a SL.


My contact info:

Steam: minipops

Discord: https://discord.gg/Zf2anY

Email: [email protected]


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You'd probably have more approaching clans rather than trying to get them to approach you. There lots of good NA clans, play on their servers, join their discords and get to know their members, pick one you like the most and play with them regularly. That's pretty much the joining process for most clans.

Good luck.

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Ooooo trust me if you are a cool normal person,thats a good player especially a team player you will get approached.

I had TX tags from a clan i was in with other games and we are non existing in Squad so i had them on.When the last update i cleard the cash i forgot to put them back on i was aproched by 2 clans,teams or what ever you want to call them i declined them both and entered the third one [SQ UA] with whom i played since like September when ever i see them on.

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Hi! You can check us out if you like! Have a great day!


PM me if you are interested to check us out! 




Vikings of Ragnarok

Valhalla | CENTRAL US | ASC

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