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Why are there still many layers on maps that pit Conventionals and Irregulars against each other symmetrically?

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25 minutes ago, Tennessee said:

I had the invasion layer from hell on Kohat as US. Type of massacre that would have a country rethinking its presence. Wrecks all along the road, lost all armor in the first 15 minutes, logistics never established, Squad comms a mess. If I ever play that layer as a US SL again I am just going to do a logistics and combat engineer squad to keep the roads clear of IEDs and try to keep an eye out for SPGs before they can strike.  


It's interesting, most matches are either like that where the attackers are caught flat footed and can never get solidly established on the first cap or two, or the match plays out and one side loses on tickets, usually by a small amount and the attackers take most of the caps. Occasionally, you'll see a sweep to the end and win, but it's usually because the defending team is exceedingly weak. It's a game mode that needs a little tweaking, but it plays in a linear but freewheeling style. I like the way battles start out in skirmishes in the open and then up as a fierce battle for the cap, then you move on. Caps get defended or not, but usually in a deliberate way since there's no backcapping. It'd be great to have a randomization element to it, because like AAS, much of the area doesn't get played on some maps. 

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On 5/14/2018 at 3:53 AM, Dubs said:

I personally like the challenge of facing off conventional forces with better equipment as a INS/MIL factions. It adds a nice separation away from 1:1 balance that those other generic shooters give, and gives a nice asymmetrical flavor despite AAS in a way forcing a direct conventional battle over cap zones.


Agree this is why i came to squad.  too much forced balance is for Arcade shooters like Bf or COD.6





One of the biggest issues is, people play every faction the same. They play INS/MIL like they are US, UK and RU. They see a U.S Squad 300m out, they shoot at them instead of maneuvering around them or waiting for them to get close. Itchy trigger fingers and lack of fire discipline is just the public play way. 








As INS/MIL, you have to act more mobile, use SPG techies to flank and try get shots into the rear of armored vehicles for 1 hit kills, use normal techies to gain early map control from match start since they are a lot faster than all conventional faction vehicles. Use scouts to mine and ied commonly used vehicle vantage points and roads. Use HAT + LAT kits as sneaky hunters to track and kill vehicles.

If people play conventionally with an unconventional faction, with a completely different set of tools, then of course they're going to complain about being out shot at a distance - because they all blob on a cap instead of spread out, take fights that they're obviously outranged in, don't use their factions tools properly to inflict damage and gain ticket advantage that way. 



yup tactics here are key. An Asymetrical force shouldn't expect to fight A conventional  better trained, better armed force as if they were a symetrical fighting force, and expect to win, unless some mircale happens (or the other team happens to be extremely incompetent)


At the end of the day thats why we have multiple Conventional Army factions, So there can still be the Symmetrical warfare experience across multiple factions.

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