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Why are there still many layers on maps that pit Conventionals and Irregulars against each other symmetrically?

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25 minutes ago, Tennessee said:

I had the invasion layer from hell on Kohat as US. Type of massacre that would have a country rethinking its presence. Wrecks all along the road, lost all armor in the first 15 minutes, logistics never established, Squad comms a mess. If I ever play that layer as a US SL again I am just going to do a logistics and combat engineer squad to keep the roads clear of IEDs and try to keep an eye out for SPGs before they can strike.  


It's interesting, most matches are either like that where the attackers are caught flat footed and can never get solidly established on the first cap or two, or the match plays out and one side loses on tickets, usually by a small amount and the attackers take most of the caps. Occasionally, you'll see a sweep to the end and win, but it's usually because the defending team is exceedingly weak. It's a game mode that needs a little tweaking, but it plays in a linear but freewheeling style. I like the way battles start out in skirmishes in the open and then up as a fierce battle for the cap, then you move on. Caps get defended or not, but usually in a deliberate way since there's no backcapping. It'd be great to have a randomization element to it, because like AAS, much of the area doesn't get played on some maps. 

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