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Are the L85A2 textures bugged, WiP or just ugly?

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Hate to sounds ungrateful, but man am I finding the L85 textures to be ugly.




So my question is, as the title stated, are they bugged? WiP?

The green is way off 

the rest of the gun looks like wet cast iron,

odd reflection artifacting 

Barely noticeable weathering


I get that the game isn't done and is in Early-Access still, but I don't recall any other weapon ever looking this bad in their first implementation.


I gathered some real world pictures to use as comparison and so it doesn't seem like I'm just bitching.

SA80_A2_(L85A2)_5.56mm_Rifle_MOD_4516213 SA80-A2_Individual_Weapon_(IW)_MOD_45160 lk5QuvO.jpg?2


As you can see from the images above, the one in squad doesn't even remotely look the part.(black polymer, Olive/drab, earth) 


Maybe I missed a post here or on reddit of a dev already confirming this. Not trying to rant here, mostly curious.

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I get the impression they're WiP too, mainly due to the intense gloss.

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Thanks for the feedback!


A number of the British assets are still WIP (e.g., the Warrior wasn't fulled baked for the patch initially), so should seem some visual improvements coming in future patches.

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