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[13th] Fight with the Fighting 13th!

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The Fighting 13th was founded in 2009 and has since its inception been an international community for casual gaming.

We have had a Squad Division for some time now, and we feel it's time to expand it further as we have begun to play on a more regular basis. On top of this, we are also delving into doing joint events with other clans. However, we are not a Mil-Sim group, some of us already do that for a living and wants this community to be an escape from that. Our goal is to have good time with friends and few(read many) laughs while playing as a team. A casual and fun spirit with a strong will to work as a team is a mindset that embodies the entire clan.




Saturdays Join us at any time on Saturdays as we get our warfaces on for the weekend! We will play some games and everyone is free to drop in and out as they please. If you're having trouble with something in the game or want to learn more we are more than happy to help as we have some very experienced players.

Sundays We are currently working on weekly or bi-weekly joint events with other clans! We are excited and so should you!




To join, we only have a few requirements. You must be at least 17 years old, have Discord installed and a hint of common sense. Click the link below to begin!






Also, join our Discord(link below) and play some games with us. Even if noones playing Squad at the moment, pop a message in the Squad chat and someone is sure to tag along! If you have any questions regarding our clan feel free to contact me on Discord at Klobbson#1661.




If you're still reading this(I'm not sure why you would, you've already passed the link to both our website and our Discord), we also harbour Divisions for a wide range of other games to play with us, including but not exclusively: World of Warships, Escape From Tarkov, Star Citizen.






...Still reading? Links are up there ^

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