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I have good sound in game on my TV speakers.  However when I attempt to use my Bluetooth Turtle Beach 800X headset so I can talk to my team I have no sound once I leave the main menu.  As soon as I launch a game or go to the shooting range there is no volume at all.  If I bring up the menu and sound options I can no longer hear the audio test tracks.


I have disabled all other audio devices in the sound menu of Windows 10 in the attempt to troubleshoot but this does not help.  I have also attempted repairing as well as checked the headset in the Windows diagnostic and in other games.  It appears to work fine elsewhere.  Is there a hardware support issue in this game for my headset?  


Does anyone have any suggested work arounds?  The game is cool - but not being able to communicate by mic with team really destroys the experience.



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