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Body armor and damge models tweak in the future?

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congratulations on observing that you've hit the enemy in the arm before! The post I responded to explicitly said "3 to the chest." That's wrong.


if youre 3 hitting people with 5.56, youre hitting the limbs.

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On ‎5‎/‎7‎/‎2018 at 12:14 AM, maze2 said:



Alright , so body armor is something that in my opinion should be a MUST for a tactical shooter. Currently we have no  realistic body armor system and i understand it, game not finished yet(alpha). But when major features are added i think it would be pretty important to add some armor plates to the regulars in the future


About the damage modeling tweaks, it  goes hand in hand with body armor. So i've noticed that marskman rifles have disproportionally low damage values to their real life counter parts.

m110 right now it's a 2 shot kill to the chest with no armor. The round used by that weapon is really damn powerful (762x51 ). Svd uses a similar one that does a little more due to it being a tiny bit heavier but both have enough to take down a person in shot. Maybe it was talked about before but it's really weird that u should an militia dude with a heavy round in the chest and still walking like nothing. I don't know if this was done for some artificial balance but it's gotta change if possible when the major core stuff is done. 


Many ways balance issues with unconventional factions would appear.

Solution is really simple : Insurgents have speed and they are in their homeland . Why not other spawns for them apart from main at the start of the round in key locations in some maps? Done in PR ,why not here?


I would like to know when would this be a thing  or if it's not going to be a thing.

btw v11 looks damn good . Were there graphic changes?




While they said in the past they wouldn't show anything graphic, I've noticed as with Project Reality the wound concepts are realistic. For instance with the M110 and SVD getting grazed by bullets that just scrape the side of the head or scrape and knock past the rib cag maybe breaking a rib or through and through flesh wound. But no direct penetration, it leads to a lot of people being frustrated in PR and Squad like "I shot him X amount of times". (Forgive me for the graphic detail, I will restrain it as much as possible and be educational about it) You need to hit the area with vital organs, like I was sniping in PR the other day and saw a guy laying on top of the hill, if I shot him in the back of the legs it might have grazed his narrow legs, even if I penetrated he could have crawled or hobbled off behind the hill. So that's shot placement for you. The SVD and M110 are always one shot kill rifles to the fatal T in the torso, depends on how fast you stop the bleeding with a patch which should only slow the bleeding until you find a medic. In the sense of how tough humans are Squad and PR touch on it really well, a jaw head shot wont kill you(off topic but fact, if a hunter don't hunt any large animal and don't aim for its head, study first, don't want anything starving or suffering to death with a horrible wound).


For the body armor if hit in a ceramic plate or SAPI plate the effect needs to be heavy suppression effect, more blur than bullets hitting wall next to you, maybe even the animation for what happens when you get knocked down by a truck for rounds like 7.62x54mmR at 600m or less, 7.62x39 at 300m or less knock you back off your feet or off the kneeling position, if prone and it hits armor it will be like getting hit in plate by claw hammer between the ground and hammer. Like this could get very realistic if Devs do it right gradually adding more aspects, when shot in plate the spall and fragmentation of shrapnel giving that slight wounded screen but not mortally wounded, the suppression effect, weapon sway/knocking around, they could make weapons get shot. A ceramic plate once damaged by 5 to10 of 5.56 rounds or 2 to 6 of 7.62 rounds will be shattered and would only slow down a bullet reducing penetration and hydrostatic shock effect.



A rifle getting shot taking a bullet has saved people from direct penetration but results in fragmentation of the round and parts of rifle injuring still, especially when its from snipers at distances where the snipers round starts to lose velocity it loses lethality. This leads me to effects of arm penetrating wounds(not graze scrapes or flesh through and throughs) for firing rifle when its in front of body armor getting hit. While rounds are hitting around you, hitting your armor, grazing your legs, grazing shoulders/arms/wrists/ribs or otherwise penetrating un-armored body parts adrenaline will allow 3-10 seconds off effective fighting with any wound except for head wounds from rifles which are likely to knock you out quickly leaving you to bleed out (i.e shouldn't be able to patch). Graze wounds lead to fractures and penetration chips/breaks bones. If they wanted a graze wound to the head could knock you out leaving you to the mercy of enemies checking bodies or friendlies still fighting in room you are breaching/defending or blind you in one eye partially or fully in game. They could add a AI skeletal structure with medulla oblongata as a dot in its proper place for one shot kills, no revive. If penetration and any slight graze or hydrostatic shock to the medulla then one shot kill too.  


So in a Close Quarters Battle(CQB) setting with fresh armor, rifle and body, you go into a building first man encountering insurgents in a fatal funnel, you get lit up. The possible details of that 3-10 seconds engagement for front man are as follows, both front man and insurgents start shooting at each other at the same time. The front man starts getting hit in body armor, he is still capable of bringing his rifle up to point or in the least aim down to sides, while at the same time able to stumble out of the way for more friendlies to push the corners of the CQB space. This scenario is minimal expectation of detail for me when it comes to this games future armor system and how wounds to un-armored parts counteract the protection of vitals so its not over powered. Its not so much different from current wound system but the effect of a bullet being slowed down by your arms reduces armor damage. If a bullet happens to hit the bicep/triceps and goes through the ribs into the torso that needs to be a function as well with fine cut physical armor sprites to reduce OP of armor. Like it really saved a lot of lives and players will need to get around that.


I agree on the spawns from PR too, like villages, Mosques, apartment buildings. They should all be spawn able for 5-15 minutes for assumed time to mobilize militas or until the enemy reaches village or apartment building first.

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