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Insane RAM and GPU Usage On Launch

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Is anyone else unable to play due to a bad memory leak?


I launch the game, and immediately my RAM and GPU both start steadily climbing in usage before I even get to the main screen. Once I first get on the main screen of the game, my GPU is sitting pegged at 99% usage, and my RAM is sitting at 50%-60% Usage, and continues to climb until it hits about 80%.  Keep in mind this is just sitting at the main menu screen.


Once I actually join a game the RAM goes all the way to 99% usage and the game is unplayable as it hitches and stutters violently.


I have completely uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. I've also reinstalled my graphics and chipset drivers, and ensured Windows is up to date. I also verified the integrity of the game cache in steam after reinstalling the game, and cleared the game cache once I launched the game for the first time for good measure.


I'm running an Intel Core i7 8700K ( at stock speeds ), 16 GB of 3000 MHz ( Stock Speed ) DDR4, and a EVGA GTX 980 Superclocked ( Planning on upgrading my GPU once the next gen comes out :) ). I have been playing other games and using other programs without any similar issues whatsoever.  As an example of a demanding title, I can play Kingdom Come: Deliverance without any similar performance issues at all so I don't think that it's an issue with my hardware?


I still have some other troubleshooting steps that I would like to try, but it would help to know if anyone else is having a similar issue or could recommend any additional ideas.


Here's a screenshot of my system RAM and GPU usage from squad just sitting on the main screen: Link


Thanks guys!

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Ramusage on Screen looks normal , i have seen squad using up to 14 Gb of Ram on my rigs but normaly you should be fine with 16GB.


  • Whats your Swap file settings?
  • Do you have Full texture loading activated ? ( i recommend to turn of on a 4GB  Card )
  • you could use Vsync to limit your FPS if you have a Problem with high GPU usage but actually thats something good--> your CPU is strong enough to feed you GPU so you get decent frames , most squad players have a turnaround problem case :-p

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