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Functional walk mechanic

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Ability to toggle walking.
Walking while crouched doesn't raise your profile in 1p/3p, or not as much.
Walking changes sway/barrel nodding values to ones you have while in ADS
Walking shoulders your weapon half way

Walking doesn't reduce your field of view
Sprinting with walk toggled puts you at half speed, half stamina consumption(until you hit low enough stamina to reduce your speed further)

(this suggestion is mostly based off of the pre-V10 ability to use hipfire/pointfire effectively, something not possible now due to sway, even when using the current walk implement.)

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We really need a walk function, at the least. I personally would like the system straight out of Tarkov; using the mouse wheel to adjust you speed on the fly. Their stance function is the same and also very nice, but I digress. I'd rather walk than jog while clearing a building, and bring back the ability to "toggle walk" while driving, i.e. when you double tapped in a previous version the vehicle would move along at a soldier's pace. That made clearing a town much easier and safer.

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The current speed of non sprinting jog (not holding down shift) seems to be at the par of real life "Range Walk" mechanic (quick, long strides).  



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