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[ZSU] Z Special Unit Gaming Community - OCE

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Hi there,

I'm Arcayngel, the leader of the Z Special Unit clan, and the Head Admin of the community with the same name. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.

ZSU as we're less formally called has been a gaming clan since 2006, mostly scoping into ARMA as the primary game - as things grew however, and the members started to branch out we became... more...

Rapidly expanding into the new and upcoming game "Squad" in mid to late 2015 - ZSU has formed into one of the "Big 2" gaming communities for Squad in Oceania, ditching the idea that a clan can be only a clan, and nothing else - forming a community around the idea of fairness, good gameplay, and a leadership structure that values integrity and most of all - fun. We participated in the casual space for over a year and a half, eventually giving rise to the clan within entering a team into what was then "ISKT" - the "International Squad Knockout Tournament" - now with that being no more, and ZSU's directions having changed, we are getting back to our roots - casual gameplay, fun, a tactics and team focus, with no effort spared to have a good time and make good friendships along the way - that's what communities like ZSU are all about! We also host and administrate the OCE Squad Community Server (Currently running both V10 and the V11 Playtest!), so if you've heard our name around, I wouldn't be surprised!

If this interests you at all, or if you completely brassed over it and just want to jump into a game with some fellow Squad players - jump onto our Discord and join the other 1200+ users that populate our little home away from home, who knows... you might just like it here - the link is https://discord.gg/zsu - join in on the fun. #MakeSquadGreatAgain

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An update to all potentials!

So OCE Squad Community Server has now come into being ZSU Squad Community Server - that all our members and community can enjoy. We have so many coming in day after day playing and smashing out some fun games time after time.

Want to get involved? Add me on Steam, or join the discord above and post in #squad-general - that means anyone. Experienced, new, intermediate, LAT extraordinaire! All we want is to give people a place to call home. Lets do it!

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Hey everyone!

We're pleased to say that our Squad server and the guys around it are swelling back thanks to the V12 update! Jump into the Discord at http://discord.gg/zsu to get in amongst the action! Doesn't matter if you're brand new or past 2000 hours we'll have you covered!

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