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USB Headset/Mic loss after few minutes

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Hello everyone,


since I am using my new USB Headset, I am experiencing complete loss of audio (sound & mic) aftter a few minutes on a server.

In particular I use  a HyperX Cloud II. (not using 7.1 mode when in squad)


I have to restart the game to get game sound again. Re-plugging the headset does not help. Changing server does not help.


It loses sound with a crack in the game. In the audio device list of windows the headphones and mic are still present.

Without any changes after closing Squad I can use the headset in other applications without problems. (e.g. browser. VLC, etc)


Anybody experienced similiar issues?



root cause must be in my hardware config somehow. Took the headset to an other PC and played Squad without issues.
I have no clue where/what to tweak on my PC...

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Mine broke with recent windows update

Fixed with below.


Windows Settings, go to Privacy, on the left click on Microphone, be sure the Allow apps to access your microphone option is turned On

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