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connection problems with squad

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l bought squad 4 days ago, l downloaded a 3, but since l downloaded can not play, only l was disconnected from the queue, please help me, i'm very excited to try to play and l can not...

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On 4/29/2018 at 5:56 AM, painxz said:

l downloaded a 3

not sure what you mean here.


make sure you have the current version 10.2xxxxxxxxxxx this should be downloaded from steam only. no other sources will work.

  • if a server restarts you will get disconnected from the queue.
  • if a new map loads while you are connecting you will get "EAC error" after a short time in the server.
  • You might get kicked by an admin before you have loaded.
  • your ping might be too high for that server and just not be able to send you updates in time
  • other...


Try joining a server with a low ping and a low number of players. if your ping is more than 200 you wont enjoy yourself.

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the game has just updated, I thought it would solve and it was not, I enter any server and I am disconnected from the queue, whether it is empty, full, high or low ping, and it is already stressful, because I bought an expensive game that I I can not play ... do you know how I can solve it?

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