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Hey guys!


I'm here to make a suggestion and I understand this may be a long shot but this is something I would really love to see in this game, I am new to Squad and I'm LOVING IT, love the communication and realism and makes me remember the film "blackhawk down".


I know modders and developers must be really busy but if you may take in consideration building a map inspired in mogadiscio like in the "blackhawk down" film I think it could add on getting new players wanting to play the role of one of the soldiers in the movie.


For the insurgents the actual models could work and for the americans the loadout the "dessert russians" are using is quite similar, it would only be needed to change the pattern to 3-colour-DESERT.


Having seen how realistic this game can get and the potentional both the movie's and game's atmosphere have on mixing, I think this could be a fine addition to this amazing game.


I know it is a long shot but take it on consideration please.


Thank you everyone for reading, see you on the battlefield!

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Oh yeah, we need more middle eastern maps.


*Cough cough chancebrahhh Cough cough*

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*raises pimp hand*

Ive always wanted to do a ramiel inspired map, even came up with a basic concept. We do plan on making more middle eastern maps... personally id love to do a mix of sbeneh outskirts and ramiel....


But you'll just have to wait and see ;)

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