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Brief A11 Status Update

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Hey Squaddies!


Merlin hopped online to let folks know that:



Hey there!

Things are going extremely well with A-11. We're keeping our fingers crossed but I think we're still on track to hit our target of the end of the month.


That said, please be mindful of the fact that it's a target and not a committed release date. If we run into unexpected issues or feel like we need an extra week or two to ship something solid we may take it. At the end of the day though, we're nearing the home stretch and it should be out reasonably soon.



You can find that post here: 


But we wanted to make sure you found it here too. =)

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@Gatzby Thanks for the great news on v11 imminent arrival. We were on v9 for so long the quick jump from v10 to v11 seems a blur. So much changed with the dynamics in v10 due to the vaulting. Such a simple addition (maybe not technically) but advancing through or defending built up areas has changed dramatically.


What are we to expect with v11 that will change the game so much that it warrants a fresh version number? Casualty dragging? British Forces? New vehicles (Bradleys)? The March update hinted at a lot of that stuff but didn't elaborate if it might make it into v11.


I don't mind if OWI want to keep it a surprise but stuff like 'an optimization pass on Chora' for instance and some hint of say a new faction only help to keep the hype alive.

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