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BW Team recruitment

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Blackwater is a Squad group that prides itself on teamwork and coordination to conquer and win. We are currently looking for new members in order to get to the point where we can form a full 9-person Squad in-game and all communicate effectively to put our skills to good use and win games, as well as to just have a healthy community and group of people to play with and have fun with at any time. In order to join, fill out the application template below and post it in the replies to this topic. If you have any questions, please direct them to either Tyredian or BZ Hotshot on Steam. Thank you for your time, and have a great day.




Hours on Squad:


In-Game name: 




How many hours you play daily?


What can you bring to BlackWater:


If you do not submit application in this format you will be automatically denied entry into BlackWater.




Tyredians profile



BZ Hotshots profile

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