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I played Squad Against last night and I had a great time. I keep enjoying v10. I´m gonna say something a bit obvious and know that I have no idea of game design and I don´t know how hard (or easy) it would be to implement it.


In PR there were different flags layouts for AAS maps. So everytime you played on say, Silent Eagle (PR map), the places where the flags where located changed. Some maps had 2 variations, some had 4 or 5. That highly increased the replayability of maps without having to créate a whole new map.


With the current state of things, being a noob and joining an SL who knows what he´s doing, I hear he says: "Ok take logi/striker/techi and go to C 8 to build the FOB, and then assault X flag from South West". And I get the feeiling he does that every single time he plays that maps, because of the meta game of knowing where it´s better to do what and when. That takes a lot of actual tactics which have to do with "dealing with the unexpected". I know that adding some variations will only solve a Little part of the problema, but still, if it´s not hard to do, and there is much to gain, then why not?


What do you think?

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Randomized AAS, and it has been confirmed:



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