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Deploying overseas soon, I want to buy a laptop

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As title says, I am deploying overseas in a month and I would like to buy a laptop for squad. (going to battle the boredom)

- Below $800

- 30-40 fps on low-medium (maybe medium high?) settings.
I'm not very technologically inclined, I hope that this isn't a huge expectation. I've done a little digging and I have a few laptops I'm thinking about, I would just like everyone else's opinion if they know something better.


MSI GL62M 7RD-1407 Kaby Lake Quad Core Laptop

Dell Inspiron i5577-5335BLK

Acer Aspire E15 Gaming Laptop

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PM me your email addy if you want to chat. I am responsible for design, engineer, manufacture of Mobile Battlestations that are "certified" for Squad. Like the one below that sports an i7+1060 and comes with 1TB of Corsair's Fastest SSD :) We sell them to UE4 and Lumberyard Dev's so loaded with some very expensive and awesome apps, and some the features.


As far as anything though MSI really offers the most value right now, and is making some truly killer stuff. I personally test and use a bunch of their SKU's, and play mostly Squad right now. I have a lot of information. Sadly, you will need at least a 1060 though, TBH. Unless you like playing at 720p, or less than ideal frames. Even with a 1060, this is still a WIP (Alpha), and that needs to be kept in mind.


I work directly with Intel, Nvidia, MSI, and Corsair, on their Gaming Laptops, and am the only one in the World who is giving them feedback regarding Squad. It is a pretty tough job but someone has to do it!



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For what you're aiming at, that MSI model looks good! I'm actually surprised it's so cheap, they go for much more in the EU. I play Squad on a MSI laptop, it's about 4 years old and it still manages Squad 30-50 FPS on low, most of the time. I do feel like I want an upgrade though.

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Not especially helpful, I play on a Razer Blade and like you I am serving, so it's exceptionally useful for plug and play.


It's about $1,900 for one with a big old hard drive. It's pricey, but it runs Squad on 80FPS on ultra all day long. And if you're gonna invest, my mindset is you may aswell buy high end for the longevity. 


Beautiful bit of construction, looks like a macbook too.



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