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[ODIN] Odin's Fury Clan - Map Voting! New Player Friednly

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1. No team killing, no trolling, no griefing.

2. No hate speech of any kind.

3. Squad leaders must have microphones.

4. Squad leaders may kick any member of their squad for any reason.

5. No mic spamming.

6. No exploits, hacks, or cheats.

7. No one man squads.

8. Squad leaders must communicate with each other.

9. Apologize for all team killings in all chat.

10. Main camping is not allowed at any point unless all caps are capped.

11. Do not fire out of main base.

12. Do not mine enemy mains.

13. Posing as Admin or [ODIN] members will result in a ban.


1st ban = 1 week

2nd ban/TK Main/Ghosting = 1 month

3rd ban/hacking = perm

To get in touch with Admins

Discord - https://discord.gg/6A5TG84

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I've been enjoying Invasion lately, I'm glad to see your server up and at it. 

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