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Active Duty/Veteran Players?

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   Im looking to join a clan or what ever group of gamers who are vets or other active military. Im an infantry jarhead and all of my buddies are console gamers, so im basically just looking to Squad up with some other grunts who I can locate, close with, & destroy the enemy by fire & maneuver, or repel enemy assaults by fire & close combat with 

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Hey mate,


First off all, welcome to the forum and Squad! 


Now the first one i found here in the Clan Recruitment page is: "Task Force Black". 



Task Force black is a brand new worldwide gaming community founded by real world combat veterans. We pride ourselves on the values of community, teamwork, cohesion and excitement. 


Check them out here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/1503-task-force-black-veterans-gaming-community/

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