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I'm a kid, how will people react towards me and how should I behave?

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I'm a kid, how will people react towards me and how should I behave?


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> Am I allowed to play this game?


From a legal standpoint: Your parents (/people with parental authority) have to decice, nobody else can forbid you to play the game under a certain age. But please accept that there are communities, which will focus on mature players, this is up to the server owners on who they like to accept or not. If you have a group of friends, you don't want old men joining in, right? Most communities however, do not forbid younger players to participate on their servers or even join their member ranks.


> Will people accept me or will there be people mocking me or kicking me?


Yes and No, you will experience both. Which experience you want to focus on, is up to you. Personally, I would recommend you to focus on the positive experiences and build on that. Getting mad about it and acting in a destructive manner will rain very negative consequences on you, most of the time. You may not be mature at age, but you certainly have the choice to act maturely on the inside, and decide to do something with your time, that will benefit you in the long term. And people will notice and respect you for that.


Different people make different experiences at different times, and there are many opinions on young players, this topic was discussed and continues to be many times and can be read in the list of threads on this topic, which are linked below (bottom for newer threads).



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> Should I consider anything specific, being a young player?



Yes, you should.

  • Do not take it personally when you get declined or attacked by someone. Being mature doesn't mean being wise. And many people wear their badge of age in injustice. Maturity begins on the inside of your head, not on a calendar.
  • It's simple: Think twice before you do something that you're unsure of being right (that gut feeling).
  • Don't talk too much but don't hesitate to share important information with your teammates. Keep your communication informative and compact at the very most of the times, orientate on the other players but set an even better example.
  • If someone criticizes your actions: Don't focus on the way the bring it towards you, it may be negative because they project their own emotional imbalances on your individual, this has nothing to do with you personally, most of the time. Even if it seems to be. Try to take out the very core of what they meant, and think about it. It may have a true side, and most of the time, also a wrong side. All based on opinions and perspectives.
  • Stay kind and calm at all times. Remember, you want to be accepted, so set a good example! The fact you're reading this and are participating and discussing about this means you have more brain mass than a good amount of the people being negative towards you. You can use this very talent and brain mass, and I'm sure you do.







Further questions and discussions may follow below this post. Please keep in mind, this topic may have very variying opinions. Please stay kind and respectful, keep the forum rules in mind and set a better example.

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