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Loophole with Resupply points costs system and my suggestions

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Once I wanna figure out whether our team’s ammo supply points would still reduce, if I press the “get supply” button from an ammo crate when my soldier was actually not lacking anything and all my soldier’s equipment or items were full before I try to get some supply from the ammo crate. The result is disappointing, our team’s ammo points still get reduced under this condition. So, this bring a problem that this bug will allow some people continuously maliciously waste its team’s ammo supply points by utilizing this loophole. Also, I dislike current ammo supply system, because sometimes I only wanna get one or two magazine, not the full items; but sometimes I wanna get fully supplied, but current supply system would cost an invariable value every time you resupply while despite the amount of items you actual need to resupply. My suggestion is this game should refine resupply consume calculating system, the minimum resupply points consuming compute unit should be every magazine clip or every bullets, every grenades, shells, etc. Every bullet should have its corresponding invariable cost value, so that the amount of ammo points consuming when every time you resupply will depend on the amount of items you actually resupply. Such also should apply to construction and repair points consumption system. I advise developers could take example by the resupply systems in some RTS game, like Syrian Warfare, Wargame series or Call to Arms.

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Would like to see reduction of squad members ammo costs to one tenth of what they are now.  Seems insane 5 bandages cost the same as full reload. Keep deployable at same values and repairs.



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