A commander position, in my opinion, be implemented. Once the air support comes into play coordination will be needed. I'm sure you are improving the main base when adding in the helicopters, there should be an operations room for the commander to be in. As far as the power of the commander there needs to be something their able to do besides just coordinate. Maybe give orders for a drone to go up for a certain time period, and give it a region to observe. Or airstrikes such as 1 or 2 but and a couple fake runs, meaning they only have 2 bomb runs and 2 fake runs that gather intel. They could enter the coordinates into a computer, same for the drone to make it more than clicking. For the commanders of the militia, they will need something unique. I believe having a commander role could help make the game more entertaining by having all the squads work together. It's hard to have everyone work together when there is no clear leader. What is everyone's thoughts on this? Also what kind of responsibilities should the commanders have if it was implemented?   An additional question is can there be weather in Squad? I'm not sure if the engine is capable of it and what that would do to the framerate.