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New Generation's community content night

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New Generation’s Community Content Night





Are you tired of always playing the same old maps? Do you want a change to the everlasting battles over train tunnel or central DC? Then join us and bring your friends with you to our open for all community content night.The mods will provide you with new possibilities and new gameplay.

This event will provide you with a steady flow on new playable content from the modding community, to get over the current very stale game state.


The work the modders in this community do is incredible. They provide us with great maps and mods. Not to forget that Squad itself is a spiritual successor to a great mod; Project Reality. We would kindly ask you to fill out a short survey(about 5 minutes) after the event to further help them improve their content.

We aim to run this event every second Sunday, starting with the 8th April. The events will be completely organized on our discord.



Key information on the upcoming event


Additional information


For content creators:

If you think your map/mod is ready to be tested and you want us to host it in one of the events, you can direct message @Para94 on discord.


For clans

You can get reserved slots for the event. But you need to reapply each event. The maximum of reserved slots per clan is 9(=1 squad). All of this will be handled in the #requests discord channel.


For streamers

You can get admin cam access if you want to stream the event from admin view. This will also come with a reserved slot. Please contact @Para94 for this on discord.


If you have questions or suggestions feel free to ask @Para94 on the discord


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prepared for new event

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Oh nice! Love seeing Forest Air out there.


I still have dreams about Karkand, sometimes. Mostly a lot of respawning and cussing.

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please ,  say with more time...say very late to join... 2 days , please.

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