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After a long time I started playing Squad with V10 again. While I am still missing my helicopter (especially an attacking one) I really like the state of the game compared to it about 1 year ago. Ok the new movement system sometimes really bugs me especially as there is no weapons resting(which in my case would really fix the system).


No to my real point. The passing of mag+ maybe bandages. There are often times(especially when you survive for a longer time) when you only got orange/red mags left and need to run a far way to get new ammo (or my preferred way as the penalty for dying is so low, get aggressive->die->respawn) an easy way to combat that is to make it possible to get mags from your squad mate with the same ammo/magtype. In return that guy gets an empty mag.

Another thing I find really stupid is when you can't revive someone who is on the ground although he still got 2 bandages himself.

Instead of taking one of his. (maybe in return give the medic only 4 bandages)

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These topics have been discussed countless times in the past few years. Please try to make use of the search function, its full of information and answers ;P


Sharing ammo will be a thing in the future, as many other things.

On 2/19/2016 at 11:05 AM, SgtRoss said:

Inventory system is planned with modularity within the confines of your particular role and yes, this will need to be balanced out, through stamina, or speed, or whatever we invariably decide to go with.


Also, ammo scarcity is intentional. If you are out of ammo or running low, go to a FOB and rearm. In the future, we will have ammo sharing, inventory system, and vehicles that carry supplies.

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