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A few questions about creating of characters.

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Hi, everyone. 


I work now on some characters for Squad, but have a few questions:


1.Which Polycount is acceptable for the character of the Squad ?

For Lod0, Lod1, Lod2 etc


2. What is the best and fastest way to create LowPoly mesh from HighPoly?


I use Mudbox and 3ds max. Now I have HighPoly meshes of 2 characters, but I had not experience of creating LowPoly mesh. I have watched some tutorials, but there are several ways, what would you advice me.



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1. You can download Squad SDK through Epic Games Launcher and check out all the in-game models yourself

2. You should look for Retopology tutorials for 3Dsmax. I personally recommend Arrimus 3D from Youtube, he made tons of tutorials in regards to many aspects of 3D modeling, here's the link for the very first one in his retopology tutorial series: 


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It's good to see more people trying character art out.


1. From memory it's around 30,000 polys at LOD0, not sure about the others. Be sure to make the hands higher density than the rest of the body since that's what the player is going to be seeing closest and most often.


2. I use zBrush so I'm not sure about Mudbox but try and make a decimated version of the high-poly, export that and try to fix it, this will hopefully save you a lot of busy work in areas that don't need any special attention then fix it in Max. When you get to retopologising I've used this workflow in the past:



Be warned though, the Max version is very annoying compared to Maya since it doesn't indicate how it will build a poly, but it's not too bad.


Also, check out how the materials and models are set up in the SDK. They make good use of assets that give a lot of variety.

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