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Squad's Thursday Night Tussle

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Hello Everyone!

I would like to announce Squads Thursday Night Tussle! More commonly known as a Pub Night. for the 

On this night Third Platoon, Bravo Company would like to invite you all to join us every Thursday Night. If you want to learn the game or play with some experienced Squad members Thursday Night is the night!

People who are interested in trying out Squad or want to get to know the Third Infantry Division this is a great opportunity to meet us and see how we operate! 

Come out and have some fun with Squad!

Thursday Night Tussle!

Starting between 1930 EST and 2000 EST (7:30pm to 8pm) EST
Ending at 2230 (10:30pm) EST


Server name: [3rdID] 3rd Infantry Division Realism Server



All are welcome 

Join us on teamspeak: teamspeak.3rdinf.us

visit our website: http://3rdinf.us 

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