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Medic progression in Squad

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I think there have been some valid points raised on both sides of this. For me personally, I find the idea of normal soldiers doing revives from conditions that are evidently very serious to be a negative one. Equally, I understand some of the frustrations from the current medic class position - though not all. I don't find it a terrible role at all, and if played properly and in a sensible way, it seems a genuinely vital role for any squad.


I do wonder, though, if it wouldn't be better to examine the class or medic-meta  again from the ground up in some way. I know there are only so many iterations that can be made, in the end, and the game has to remain essentially fun and with enough realism - but I'm not sure the current direction of travel supports this.


Perhaps there could be a new wounding system entirely, something like:

  • Minor wounds: affect ability to run or aim stability, but can be self-bandaged - essentially like grazed bullet wounds or shrapnel etc. - and does not lead to continual blood loss.
  • Disabling wounds: not critical unless blood loss is allowed to continue for a period of time, and your squadmates basic medical training could be enough to get you moving or vaguely combat-ready again. For example:
    • Leg wounds reduce tyou to a crawl or standstill until bandaged up by someone else
    • Arm wounds hugely affect ability to hold or fire weapon but are otherwise basically mobile until bandaged up by someone else
  • Critical wounds: More like now , perhaps caused by trunk and head shots - anyone can bandage you to stop an otherwise-fatal bleedout, but require a full medic to stabilise you and heal before returning to full movements, and this would take, say, twice as long as the other wound types to sort - again ensuring that soldiers are cautious not to expose themselves to huge danger without cause but also that there is a strategic element to thinking the medic / squad lead must do.

Seems to me this would be a 'more realistic' solution; one that reflected the training of the normal soldier but also added some depth and consideration for the medic in terms of priorities and so on. I'm sure this would be possible. Different icons could indicate wound severity, possibly, although it might simply be easier to temporarily mute the critically wounded so that it would be clear who was in a bad way and who was 'walking wounded'

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