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What are your specs to runt this game on high?

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I'm in the midst of sorting some performance issues out with my own PC, will be going through the trouble of reinstalling windows etc etc but that's another story.


While I was thinking about that, I wanted to ask, who out there plays this game on high/ultra (or close to)? as well as maybe increased scaling? And what are your specs to be doing this? What is your average FPS and FPS when the game starts to get busy?


I'm on medium settings with 1.75x scaling and I average around 60-70, and then down to 40-50 when it starts to get busy. This is on an I7-7700 and a GTX 1080. Yeah. So I was just curious as to whether what i'm seeing is really just how the game is, or it definitely is something wrong with my system that I hope to fix via a clean Windows install.

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I’ve got a i76700k OC@4.6 and a 1080 



it runs runs fine in 1440p with everything on high but I mainly play in 1440p in tournament settings 

And get around 100 FPS 

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