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Hey everybody.

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Hi, I'm Kyle. I'm 26 from Ohio. I love squad. The realism, the sounds, the tactics. It's honestly my favorite shooter. But, I don't know if it's approtiarte to only call it an FPS. It's a lot more, if you think about it. Mil sim, is the label I guess I'm thinking of. 


I play in the 10th Special Forces Group [10sfg] server/clan. It's a military sim clan, lead by a former Army Ranger. He and his team teach us small unit tactics, which make us a lot more effective in combat. We have, basic training, advanced infantry training and specific MOS role training, like LAT, AR, Grenadier, etc, etc.. I'm not looking to recruit you guys, I'm just explaining a bit about myself and what I do. 


I rate Squad 5 stars, and I've reviewed it appropriately on Steam. Everyone is a critic, but I do have a few suggestions, which I will post in the correct forum also.


My suggestions would be:

  • To add some sort of in-game achievements, like badges and medals that we earn by achieving the corresponding kills/kills with a certain weapon, headshots, etc, etc.. 
  • To add an in-game report system, or an interface where we can click on other members user names from the TAB menu, which would allow us to access their Steam profile, as well. (Mainly I would just like a way to report problem players, easily and directly to Squad staff.)
  • Let us see when we get KILLS, in game, either by being able to see them when we press tab, or giving us a little sign, of some sort.


Feel free to talk about anything I posted in this thread!

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