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Q: When can we pick up dropped weapons?

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Even if you could, you wouldn't magically get all the magazines for the weapon, but would only be able to use the bullets that are inside the magazine attached to the weapon you picked up.

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never understood why this elements is not in the game .

its best thing that can happen  ....

like lot of times and i got out of ammo or bandages and i see near me lot of dead friends and i see ammo and bandages on there vests and i cant take it =((((((

the ammo crates are rarely used.... and if they do they too far away ...

there no role that can give u ammo 

no ammo crates from jeeps and logis like in PR .

so ur best solution is just to respawn .

very weird and accady  situation 

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I don't know if this would make much sense to spend time on from a dev perspective given how relatively rare this sort of thing is on the modern battlefield (at least with Western armies).


I would like to see some sort of "ammo bag"/ammo share implemented though. At least this way we would help mitigate one of the main reasons one would need to pick up an enemy weapon.

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