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Feedback for CPA on 24072015

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First off, that was awesome. The sounds, the art, the mechanics.. everything is definitely progressing and it's nice to be able to see it as a player by experiencing it first hand. I'm going to write a quick bit of feedback and any aspects I believe are "issues". I'll try to leave out the repetitive and obvious stuff that everyone is well aware of and I'm not going to dive into telling you what your priorities should be! :P


Let me start off by saying I experienced absolutely no technical issues the whole weekend. I got my email, sent the extra key to a friend, set up my account / profile, downloaded the game and waited for the accounts to go live / be activated. The game didn't crash once at any point and my performance was pretty decent. I had everything maxed but then I put the shadows down to MED to go up to a more constant frame rate. I also used VSYNC... it works pretty well for me. I rebound my voice comm keybindings and adjusted my mouse sensitivity without a problem too. The only problem I had was server side which was mentioned by several people on the forums during the weekend. Joined an empty server and was sent back to the main menu.. I'm not going to speculate on what I think it was but you guys had it on lock and fixed it in the end.


That aside, there were a couple of "picky" things that are stuck in my head..


  • Suicide - I came across a few guys in a squad that were abusing the ability to commit suicide using console commands. Basically, they would send the SL behind flags to place an RP down and once they secured the flag they would instantly commit suicide and respawn on the RP. They also figured out that the respawn timer is shorter on the hideout / radio ("FOB") so they went with extra guys and set up behind the flags again which meant the enemy had no chance to counter the flag capture since the respawns were so short.

    This meant they could fully skip fighting the enemy and instantly start capturing the next flag. Building FOBs and RPs behind the front line is fine but abusing the console command to commit suicide in order to essentially avoid having to push the enemy back directly seems a little bit extreme to me and I'm well aware that some kits have grenades but that's the same concept. It was pretty effective too since killing yourself is much faster than having to run against a force of resistance.... anyway, the direct solution I can think of is just to make the respawn timer longer if the player commits suicide, maybe 15-30 seconds more than the regular timer. Having the option to commit suicide at this stage of development is a pretty vital thing so I won't suggest the removal of it but it shouldn't be something that can be abused to affect gameplay.
  • Being an SL - I had a few games as a Squad Leader. It's fun leading and the communication aspect is shaping up to be great already. One bit of feedback I have for that is either for the game to "prioritize" incoming comms or for the players to be able to set this up on their own. Having people talk on Local, Squad and Command at the same time can be an extremely painful experience especially when the rounds are flying and explosions are going off. At the time we had 3 Squad Leaders and we were communicating with each other. Now, this was awesome as we were able to co-ordinate our efforts on different tasks but once Local and Squad channels started to become more active in the game I found it impossible to distinguish anything said.

    So what I suggest as a fix would be automatic channel prioritization. This would basically mean that if someone is talking on Local and then someone starts talking in Squad it would lower the volume of Local while Squad net is being transmitted. This would also be the same with Command being prioritized over Squad. Another fix would be for players to be able to set prioritization in their settings.. if someone doesn't necessarily want Squad net to turn down the volume of Local they could swap them or even go as far to the point where you can just set individual channel volume levels (similar to master volume and then a breakdown of effects, UI etc).

I believe that's it from me. There's a lot of other things I've noticed but they have been addressed by others already which is awesome to see. :D


Edit: Specs if anyone requires them.


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-X79-UD3 
CPU: Intel i7 4820k @ 4.4Ghz 
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance Pro Silver, 2133MHz 
PSU: 650W Corsair Enthusiast Series, TX650 V2 
SSD: 512GB Crucial MX100 (C:) (Squad is Installed on this)
HDD: x2 2TB Seagate Barracuda
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

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