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Mod Idea : Urban Special Weapons and Tactics.

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I took a quick look around, and didn't notice anyone discussing utilizing the current "squad" system and improvements for a mod that pays homage to the old days of rainbow 6 / and swat.  ( Rogue spear/ Raven shield / SWAT 3 )

From my old testing on dedicated servers the clients were able to utilize quite a high tick rate on servers that remained below about 40 players.  For the purpose of this mod I'd recommend 16 player servers for the game play.  This would provide a REALLY responsive platform for CQC.

With the asset and build system in play this would allow construction inside urban environments I.e. office buildings...  bank environments etc...  Setting of blow able barricades and even placing wire inside the buildings similar to other games.

Realistically this would entail smaller more realistic maps,  different weapon selections, modified interface, and possibly door actions ( remember when you could open and close doors - that used to be a thing )


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