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Admin Control Panel for automatic in-game Admin config

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for a while now I have been coding an opensource Admin control panel: https://github.com/acp-bundle/acp-java


The newest version can be downloaded here: https://www.clundxiii.com/acp-java_2018-02-24_11-36-36.zip


It is basically a java application that acts as a webserver. It is intended to be placed behind an apache or nginx proxy.


Although I no longer host Squad myself and the main supported game is Project Reality, this Admin panel supports an online editable banlist and a way to pull steamids from a Forum Profile. It assembles an Admin Config which can be included in the RemoteAdminListHosts.cfg. Logging in works through a local profile (for administrative tasks) and through an OAuth2 based Forum login. Currently only IPS and xenforo are implemented, however I can implement more if needed.




The ACP features a detailed and robust access system based on modules and functions within it. The Access System flawlessly integrates into the connected Forum based on User and User Groups. Planned features are for example a way to start/stop servers from the online interface. And maybe a rcon implementation if I find someone to support me ;)




This is all opensource! So help would be appreciated. But at the same time I would really love people to use it, so I offer personal support for setup and configuration for everyone. You can use this thread to request features or make an issue on the github repo: https://github.com/acp-bundle/acp-java/issues



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