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Hello guys!

This guide is to help people who are seeking technical support for Squad.

Let’s start!

Foremost, I would like to make it clear that this post is not officially pronounced as the guidance for support related topic.
This post is made purely for me to handle/track support related questions swiftly.
Now, please provide your basic hardware information. 


  • Specify the following;





Depends on the situation of your troubleshoots, I may ask you to change your clock speed to default.


  • Are your Windows/GPU Up-To-Date?


  • Is your RAM page file size set to automatic?



Go to;

Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Performance Settings > Advanced


Find the field that says "Total paging file size for all drives:" Check the box that says "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" On



  • Are you using a laptop?

Put power performance setting to ‘high performance’






  • Have you tried to clear cache manually?




1. Open the ‘Run’ command box

2. Type %localappdata% and hit enter

You should be able to see “SquadGame” folder

3. Press Shift + Delete on SquadGame folder and hit enter to delete.

4. Go to your Steam Library > Right click on Squad > Go to Properties > Go to Local files > Click on Verify the integrity of the game.
    Refer to this GIF to see how to verify the integrity of the game  

5. Run Squad

or Check out how to guide from OWI itself!


NOTE : As of launching Alpha 13, The title of cache folder has been changed to SquadGame from Squad


  • Are you getting Low frames even though you are on a high-end rigs?

If your OS is win10, use DDU(Display Driver Uninstaller) to do a clean re-install of your graphic drivers 


  • Are you getting random CTDs? (Crash to desktop)

If you have Razer Synapse or Razor Cortex that is not the latest version, it will cause your game to force crash due to GDPR.

  • Could you provide me Squad log file for me to look at?

The default save location for squad log files is %LOCALAPPDATA%\SquadGame\Saved\Logs



  • Did you take a long break from Squad and just came back? Welcome back!

I need to remind you that Unreal Engine 4, in which Squad is designed with, had a major update on September of 2017. If it was before that time you played the last, you MUST do a clean re-install of the game.

Click ‘Reveal hidden contents to see how to:


1. Manually delete %localappdata%\SquadGame

2. Uninstall Squad via Steam

3. Manually delete remaining folders in Squad installation directory
     default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad

4. Install Squad via Steam

5. Reboot PC


  • Are you missing part of screen? Per say like compass?

1. Choose the in-game resolutions match to native resolution of your monitor
2. Press (alt+Enter) to toggle full screen mode from the window/borderless mode 
3. After clearing cache, Open the console commands tab by Pressing (`) key once then copy and paste r.setres 1920x1080f

(Resolution may vary depending on your resolutions )

  • Are you seeing a green fog in the field like this?


It’s known graphic glitch. Exiting the server and joining back should fix it.


  • Does your screen flickers with green lines appearing across the screen? 

Looks like this?


Right click on desktop > NVIDIA CONTROL PANEL > In Change resolution, Scroll down and check the last box "NVIDIA COLOR CONFIGURATION", the color has to be on 32-bit





  • Are you not able to connect/see the server from the browser?

1. Is your connection wired or wireless? Make sure you are connected wired.

2. Right click steam > settings > in-game > look for server browser max pings / minute > set to 500

3. See if your Router has "IP Flood Detection" Mode enabled. If so, disable it. 
4. Resetting the router could be a help sometimes.
5. Contact your ISP and see if any ports are being blocked


  • Are you using reshade?



If you have reshade still activated. You will not be able to launch Squad until you remove it


  • Your mic not working? Take a look at this post



  • Does your game say “Steam is offlline”?



1. Make sure Steam is online - Open steam > Click "Steam" Tab to see if it's online or offline

 2. Check if you are in 'Steam Beta Participation' - Open steam > Click "Steam" Tab > Go to 'Settings' > In Accounts, Opt out of Beta Participation

3.If both of steps failed to fix the issue, Open 'command Prompt' as Admin Type "netsh winsock reset" and enter. Then type "ipconfig /flushdns"

4.  Reboot the PC.

5. Run Squad



  • Are you having trouble downloading mods???

Click ‘Reveal hidden contents' 



Please note that as of March 8th, 2018 

There was a fix for the following issue:

This will take effect IF ONLY you have the latest build of it. 

Please refer to this image



  • Are you getting Game security Violation Detected??



Potential Fix/Work-Around for Game Security Violation Detected (#0000000D) for Gigabyte users: Disable RGB FUSION directly or end one or all of these processes:





  • Are you having Untrusted System file (C:\Windows\System32\User32.dll) error?

1. Open Cmd.exe by admin

2. Type sfc /scannow and hit enter

3. Let the scan run itself. It will take you as log as 10 to 15 mins or so.

4. When the scan finishes Type shutdown /r /f /t 0 - It will automatically reboot your system.

5. Fixed like magic


  • Are you having EAC Error: Unknown File type (.pak file related) error preventing you to launch Squad?



Simply verify the game files through Steam property settings.



  • If you are having .dll issue 

1. Open Cmd.exe by admin

2. Type sfc /scannow and hit enter

3. Let the scan run itself.

4. If the result says "some of the files were corrupt and wasn't able to fix them"
    Read this : https://appuals.com/fix-corrupt-files-reported-sfc-using-sfcfix/

**If the dll is titled opengl32.dll - That's related to Reshade** No need to do above


Are you having difficulties with Key bindings?


if the buttons you desire to change is not supported by the windows ; it will most likely not going to work properly.

If your keyboard/OS have Non-English language, change the language of Squad thru Steam Property Setting






Even if after following the instructions, you failed to fix the issue, please open a topic and I will be more than glad to help you out with the issue :)


This is System Requirements of Squad as of July 2019.




Please be noted that above contents may be edited over time  

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