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Hello from Australia

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G'day all,


A big thanks to the deves for producing such a game as this and thanks to the website developers and forum administrators for you splened work. :)


I only become aware of Squad about a month or so ago (where have I been?) while watching Levelcap on youtube, I subsequently Investigated a little more and I like what I see so I just bought Squad and I'm downloading the game as I type. Incidentally, I was just banned for two days over at the PooGee forum for mentioning this game, the warning was "unconstructive posting", but it's given me the motivation I needed to buy another game, so it's, hello Squad.


I started out playing Ghost Recon in 01 then moved on to GRAW, BF2 and then GRAW2. I used to run multiple SADS for over 16 titles at one point for our little aussie gaming community on a two node pool with live migration on three subnets, I have extensive hands on experience in networking, Linux and hardware virtualization so if the numbers in my community stackup to support a SADS for Squad then it's refreshing to see a game come along that includes to ability to do so, I've read a little about how you administrat this and again, I'm impressed to say the least.


I still administrate a few US VM's with 2.7Gig unlimited synchronous bandwidth that's never at capacity but for now, I just wanna play a game on a server with "me aussie mates" that's not full of cheats, I know, your always going to encounter them and im used to that but the game we've been playing lately has them in most servers, most of the time, I'm hoping that won't be the case with Squad. anyway, that's way too much information about me and my shenanigans, can't wait to start learning this game from the ground up and start introducing my team to Squad.


Looking forward to posting here again...



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Hi there!


The game has a steep learning curve but make sure to announce that you're new and you should get treated pretty well. All the Australian servers are pretty decent but I've run into quite a few "know-it-alls" as of late, so try not to let it get to you if someone goes mental (verbally) over something trivial. They live sad lives and they most likely do it in other games they play as well. 


The majority of players are very friendly and team players. 

  • Listen to orders
  • Communicate important information
  • Have fun :) 
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