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Why do i get salt from SL for being young and making a dumb accidental mistake?

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sorry there are guys in most multiplayer games that are so far into themselves you can see their ... nvm... in Squad it is double the difficulty because not many people want to take the SL role and some that do are ... see beginning ...


I am much older and have many many hours in game... I make dumb mistakes.. people in my squad make dumb mistakes..just sometimes Ill get a bit salty but more than likely with other SLs trying to play supreme commander Eisenhower...  


if you keep getting abuse then contact an admin even better record the abuse and give it to them as evidence... 


if its just petty 'I'm older than you' BS then just leave the squad and find another it happens and will always happen until your voice breaks  (;p)... but seriously you just need to suck it up as always there are people who will know better even though they know nothing.

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The topic on the subject of being a young player was asked very frequently and there are many threads on the topic that were created in the past. Therefore, a merged thread was created to continue discussion on the subject in a collected informational way. Please refer to the following link to continue on the topic:

I thank you for your understanding and hope you will find a lot of useful information there.

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