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VOIP not working

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Ever since I have had the game, my in game comms haven't worked. I have this issue on both my old and new PC. I am unsure what to do. I have made sure my default device in windows is set to my headset. I made sure my headset cant be used exclusively by other programs. I have made sure steam is using my default device. I have changed and reset my key binds. My chat icon comes up like I am talking on my screen, but doesn't come up for others. This is on two different machines. I have validated my files and everything. I use the headset that is plugged into my xbox headset. From what I have seen, other people have the same issue with that kind of set up. Going through an xbox controller seems to break it. So if anyone knows how to fix this without plugging directly into to my computer or getting something new, please let me know. 

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