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Why am I stuttering?!

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Geforce GTX 765M @ 2.40 GHz
intel core i7-4700 HQ
8 GB's RAM
ASUS Laptop

I have it now and I can run it normally, but I get REALLY bad frame stutters when explosions and big firefights happen.
I can't find a reason for this. I've tried updating drivers but everything is updated.
Someone PLEASE help!

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I assume this is your laptop: https://www.asus.com/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/ROG-G750JW/specifications/


If you want to throw money at the problem, the two biggest pieces would be a second stick of 8GB ram in there, and then changing that 5400rpm HDD to a SSD. The latter will make your PC feel much more responsive in general, and if it is a memory paging issue, it will help reduce those stutters while it waits for the IO to complete. Your PC also supports dual storage drives so you could even keep the 1TB drive in there for large files or games that don't need fast response times. 


For non-monetary solutions:

  • I assume your "Full texture loading" is off?
  • Are all your settings set to low/off?
  • Monitor your VRAM/RAM usage during the gameplay to see if you're hitting any limits there
  • Use the "toggle performance stats" and reference this guide to see what thread is spiking when you have those slow downs
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